7 techniques to try when you’re trying to innovate consumer products and you’re stuck

The new-product development process begins with a search for new ideas. These ideas can be improvements to existing products or entirely new products that have not been in the consumer market before.

Lessons learned during a period of intense business transformation

Think about this case study. You’re company is 100 years old and highly successful. In fact, your company is the gold standard by which others are judged. You have achieved the ultimate praise: you’ve become a household name!

Business Plan Software: Do You Need It?

Business plan software is something that typically gets overlooked and isn’t really considered to be a need for some factor. In my viewpoint, business plan software application is vital, it is not a option. I am a huge advocate of business planning. When people ask me if they need a business strategy, my reaction is, “Absolutely!”

6 Keys To Managing A Culture of Change

If you’re business hasn’t gone through tremendous change lately, congratulations! I knew there had to be one somewhere. For the rest of us, it seems like we’re in a state of constant change.

Business Analyst for the Small Business

A business analyst can in fact come in and determine what the business owner can do to expand his or her business. There may be times when the business analyst sees the big picture when the small business owner can just see the bottom line. The new small business may not feel the added cost of a business expert is worth validating.