The Peak Work Experience!

A question that I’ll ask my students in “Selective Hiring” goes something like this, “Given that the two candidates are equal in every way except one: one is coming off a tremendous win (a peak work experience) and the other is coming off a major failure (a valley work experience) which one do you hire?”


5 Ways to Tell If Your Employees Lack Motivation

As a supervisor, you know how important employee engagement is. Engaged employees don’t merely perform well in their duties; they also care about helping the organization achieve its goals and embody its values.

The problem is, it’s not always easy to tell when an employee is lacking motivation. Even if you’re meeting with them regularly for performance evaluations and they’re doing their job well, they may simply be driven by a personal work ethic. As Gallup points out, while some employees are “actively” disengaged, by 2014, more than half of the American workforce was disengaged to some degree.

5 Signs That You’re Overworking Your Employees

Just how much is excessive? You may lose that gifted person if you do not do something about it. Just recently, we were asked, How do I understand when I am working a staff member too hard? This was an intriguing question.