8 Things That Matter When You Are Growing A Solo Business

If you would ask me today where you should focus to make your business successful, I would probably answer that you should focus on many things. Business is complex and involves many skill domains. Today, I will give you seven things that I know will matter to you as you grow your business.

You’re Getting It Very Wrong On ‘Growth’ And ‘Innovation’

Here’s an interview with a marketing professor (Tim Calkins) at Kellogg/Northwestern where he’s discussing innovation and products and revenue growth and all that good stuff. Here’s a money quote:

Follow. The. Money.

Good salespeople are busy. They’re making cold calls, following up with inbound leads, reaching out to referrals, and conducting sales meetings. I see a lot of salespeople struggle with taking their sales game to the next level. One of the culprits is usually knowing what tasks to attack first, and how to prioritize everything that is demanding attention.