What Type of Leader are You?

You are a leader if somebody is following you. This might be as easy as one individual enjoying you and following your example and motivation, to being a leader in your house, your neighborhood, your office and even your country.


Leadership Development

Leadership, what is it and what is the difference between being a supervisor and being a leader? There is not a single definition of leadership that everyone concurs on. Manfred Kets de Vries, a professor at INSEAD, states that leadership is a set of qualities, behaviour patterns, personality attributes that makes certain individuals more efficient in accomplishing a set goal or goal. Leadership development is a necessity for any business.

3 Things You Can Start Doing Today To Be A Better Leader

Leading teams and managing people can be tough. Unfortunately, you’ll never get it right every time. Whether you are just starting out in leadership or you’ve been around for a few years, the goal should be the same. To be a better leader.

7 Ways To Manage Your Best Employees

Any supervisor who informs you that encouraging his team is the very first thing on his mind is lying. That’s due to the fact that handling individuals is never ever a task and it’s hardly ever a concern. Like it or not, that’s simply the method it is.