Don’t be busy, be productive.

Nowadays, being busy is fashionable, it’s cool. Being busy is something that many of us wear as a badge of honor. We wear this badge similar to the type of badge that we wear when we’ve just had to stay up all night to finish something that we’d been procrastinating on.

More space, better thinking

Every now and again I like to get away and escape the busy world of business I’m involved in. In 2011 I started my first business, a web development agency, with my old friend Andy. As a fast paced growing company, life was pretty stressful, working long hours and learning hard lessons.

5 Tips for Staying Efficient Throughout the Day

1. Use boomerang for gmail to control pace of incoming mail

Boomerang for gmail is a great tool to control the flow of emails you receive over the course of a day. Many of us have the gmail app on our phone and can turn an email chain into a text conversation. The emails pop up constantly on your screen and if you respond right away to a couple emails, it’s hard to stop cold and start ignoring the other incoming emails. ….