Want To Do Your Own PR? Here’s An Online Service That Helps

In the past, I railed about the horrific idea of attempting to automate thought leadership and PR. But for small businesses wanting to save time and money while increasing the positive results of public relations, I was heartened to discover a do-it-yourself PR idea that works.

Super Communication: 10 Must-See TED Talks That Will Make You Take Action

We check our smartphones frequently, we set it down, and then we check one more time just to make sure we have no new messages. We know that we do this, and most of us do it often. But this behavior is causing problems that trickle through our entire society and culture. Daniel Midson Shortreminds us to put our phones down and pay attention. His video explains why.

Use These New Ideas To Turn PR Into Business

Last month I interviewed Scott Carter, a serial entrepreneur providing financial services for boomer consumers (45–65) who’s used innovative PR and marketing to take his newest company, PM Capital, to critical mass in the space of six months, since January 2017. We talked about what it takes to succeed in PR today compared to times past.