The Importance of Demonstrating Value and Improving Our Fitness Before We Launch Our Business Idea

When we hear the word fitness we immediately think exercise. However, that is really just a specific niche where this term applies. Fitness in the general sense takes the angle of being physically fit and healthy. We workout in order to get in shape and become more and more accustomed to the demands of exercise. This in turn benefits us by looking better, feeling better, and providing us with a higher quality of life in many cases.

How I Met The Greatest Co-Workers Ever (pt2)

THE Interview Question That Tells You (Almost) Everything

In Part 2 of this post, we looked mostly at the process for screening candidates. Sure, a consistent process will help ensure you’re fairly evaluating candidates and consistently capturing similar information. It doesn’t address how you interpret what you hear, nor does it necessarily prescribe what you’re listening for.