Here Is Why Netflix Is A Brand And Its Competitors Are Just Another Streaming Company.

It all starts with passion and then continiues with strategy and preparation. The first, often lacked by market followers, is always present in innovators. In this article I will particularly talk about Netflix and their remarkable success story and why Netflix dominates the movie streaming market.

How To Market To Millennials, As Told By An Actual Millennial — A 90’s Baby

To me, if you want to market to a millennial, that means you want to market to someone like me: a single, college-aged guy who’s just starting “adult life.” Someone who doesn’t necessarily want to pay for cable, so I stream TV shows on my phone via Netflix and HBOGo…

3 Easy Steps For A Reliable E-marketing Plan

In this day and age, online marketing is becoming one of the most affordable and practical marketing approaches specifically for small businesses. Here are 3 easy actions that you can follow for an effective e-marketing plan.

Organic search dropping: What’s a marketer to do?

So what’s a marketer to do? Paid search is taking over more real estate on Google. Google eliminated the right rail paid search ads and cut the map pack from 7 listings down to 3. But that still means often the organic search results often fall below the fold, meaning not on the first browser window.

7 Terrific Pinterest Ideas For Content Marketers

Pinterest success is all about ideas. Creativity draws in people to follow your boards, which is an offered fact in the Pinterest universe. That is why we have come up with the 7 ideas that you should be using in order to sustain your success in marketing through Pinterest.