8 Things That Matter When You Are Growing A Solo Business

If you would ask me today where you should focus to make your business successful, I would probably answer that you should focus on many things. Business is complex and involves many skill domains. Today, I will give you seven things that I know will matter to you as you grow your business.


Why Do People Want to Become Entrepreneurs When Most Startups Fail?

I worked at 4 companies with the sole intent to get rich. I take that back. It was in fact, 3. The 4th I worked at because I didn’t want to look for another option. With my luck, each and every single one of them failed, stripping me of everything I had, but left me with an unusual skill set

Why More Startups Are Failing From Not Being Practical.

Everyone wants to be the next big thing… The next Facebook, Uber, Instagram, snapchat, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for shooting for the stars and chasing your dreams, but there is a lack of practicality and doing what it takes to get there!

A $250,000 Investment Made Getting To Market Harder

Two weeks ago I launched my latest startup (Digital Profile) and over the weekend I’ve finally had a little time to reflect on our journey so far. For the last five years I’ve been starting and building digital businesses so I know that getting your service or product to market is never easy; but as any entrepreneur will tell you, taking an idea and actually making it happen is frantic, exhilarating and eventually, makes all the hard work worthwhile.

How I Quit My Job To Follow My Startup Dream

In October 2014 I took the plunge and entered the wonderful world of self-employment. It was an exciting time in my life and I have never looked back. My life just keeps getting better since I quit the Corporate Dream.