Why Do People Want to Become Entrepreneurs When Most Startups Fail?

I worked at 4 companies with the sole intent to get rich. I take that back. It was in fact, 3. The 4th I worked at because I didn’t want to look for another option. With my luck, each and every single one of them failed, stripping me of everything I had, but left me with an unusual skill set

Want To Do Your Own PR? Here’s An Online Service That Helps

In the past, I railed about the horrific idea of attempting to automate thought leadership and PR. But for small businesses wanting to save time and money while increasing the positive results of public relations, I was heartened to discover a do-it-yourself PR idea that works.

Raising Venture Capital? Be Lean with a Minimum Viable Pitch.

Follow Us on Social Media!  Last summer, the same question occupied my thoughts each morning as I drove to work: how was I going to raise a Series A for my startupChatbooks? The automatic photo book company I had joined…