Are You Starting A Business? Win By Knock-Out — First Round.

Throwing politically correct out of the window here, to offer my plain spoken advice on starting a business.

Talk talk talk talk talk talk we live in a world made of talkers and image makers. Social media has produced mice-like attention span and made louder the big thing.


Strategic Management (Strategic Planning)

The best organizations are professionals when it comes to laying out a Strategic Plan. Not only is this subject important to understand when starting your own business, it is equally as important to always be reevaluating your strategic plan if your established. You cannot stay the best unless you keep practicing and refining your processes. Here is the quick guide on Strategic Management.

Why You Need To Be More Strategic…And How To Get There

Strategic leadership sounds really hard. You probably need to have a PhD or at least an MBA from a prestigious university right? You need to be sitting in the C-suite too, don’t you? Nope. You can be more strategic too, and it will help you be a better leader.