Are You Starting A Business? Win By Knock-Out — First Round.

Throwing politically correct out of the window here, to offer my plain spoken advice on starting a business.

Talk talk talk talk talk talk we live in a world made of talkers and image makers. Social media has produced mice-like attention span and made louder the big thing.

Lessons learned during a period of intense business transformation

Think about this case study. You’re company is 100 years old and highly successful. In fact, your company is the gold standard by which others are judged. You have achieved the ultimate praise: you’ve become a household name!

Strategic Management (Strategic Planning)

The best organizations are professionals when it comes to laying out a Strategic Plan. Not only is this subject important to understand when starting your own business, it is equally as important to always be reevaluating your strategic plan if your established. You cannot stay the best unless you keep practicing and refining your processes. Here is the quick guide on Strategic Management.

How to Align ‘Strategy’ and ‘Execution’

I’ve had a bunch of different jobs, and I’ll be honest: by this point, about 13 years into working, I oftentimes have no idea what strategy even is. I know that senior leaders of companies typically have a couple of big meetings (“off-sites”) per year and they hammer out some “go-to-market” strategies and the like — although those are often created in a vacuum, away from the people who actually have to execute on the ideas — but at most jobs, daily tasks seem to matter way more than any concept of strategy, even for senior executives.