3 Things You Can Start Doing Today To Be A Better Leader

Leading teams and managing people can be tough. Unfortunately, you’ll never get it right every time. Whether you are just starting out in leadership or you’ve been around for a few years, the goal should be the same. To be a better leader.

4 reasons why leadership engagement matters

It may seem like Thoughtful Leaders need to be self-sacrificing and focused solely on their teams. While this is partly true, we should never lose sight of ourselves during this process. Failing to monitor our own wellbeing will only result in burnout and unhappiness.

How I Met The Greatest Co-Workers Ever (pt2)

THE Interview Question That Tells You (Almost) Everything

In Part 2 of this post, we looked mostly at the process for screening candidates. Sure, a consistent process will help ensure you’re fairly evaluating candidates and consistently capturing similar information. It doesn’t address how you interpret what you hear, nor does it necessarily prescribe what you’re listening for.

Building Trust In Four Steps

The Whirlwind of Trust, Transparency, Candor, and Integrity

There are all-hands meetings, and then there are all-hands meetings. Most of the folks I’ve worked with thought all-hands meetings were an unwelcome interruption in the day and made it harder to get work done. Well sure, it’s a meeting. At some companies where I’ve worked they’d been eagerly anticipated. In others, dreaded. Why?