Building Trust In Four Steps

The Whirlwind of Trust, Transparency, Candor, and Integrity

There are all-hands meetings, and then there are all-hands meetings. Most of the folks I’ve worked with thought all-hands meetings were an unwelcome interruption in the day and made it harder to get work done. Well sure, it’s a meeting. At some companies where I’ve worked they’d been eagerly anticipated. In others, dreaded. Why?

Know Your Company Better With An Internal Communications Audit

One day at work, I asked my boss what I thought was an innocent question, “Hey, what time does the meeting start?” My boss replied, “DIDN’T you read the memo?” Yes, in fact I had. I had read all 7 memos sent that day, and each had a different time for when the meeting started — each made sure to bury those times in an endless mass of text. What could have been a 5-second informative response turned into 5-second condescending passive-aggressive non-answer.