5 Good Reasons To Understand Your Leadership Weaknesses

These days, it is common to read about strengths-based approaches to leadership and development. The idea is to maximise the talents of the leader and concentrate on them, rather than focusing on their leadership weaknesses.

Mission Or Vision: What’s The Difference, And Why They Matter To Your Team

I sat at the meeting table trying not to stare in panic at the five people who were looking everywhere but at me or each other. To say it felt awkward is a massive understatement. We were in deep trouble before we even started, and all of us looked like we would rather be having dental surgery than be there.

5 Consequences Of Being Too Helpful

Everybody likes to be helpful. Helpfulness is an admirable trait. It’s nice when people put aside their own concerns for the wellbeing of somebody else. In the workplace however, there are situations where your team members may be too helpful for their own good.