TechCrunch: Margin of safety in venture capital

Doug Clinton Contributor Doug Clinton is a co-founder and managing partner at Loup Ventures, a frontier tech-focused investment firm. As a former stock analyst turned VC, I still spend time thinking about public company investment opportunities. To that end, I…

Facing Resistance? Don’t Fight the Storm

Resistance has a bad reputation. When facing opposition, we tend to feel stuck or fight back. Actually, building on a phrase that Bob Sutton repeated over and over when I was at Stanford last winter, resistance is caused by change. When it happens, it is a good signal. Instead of fighting it, we can use that energy in our favor. This story is about how we dealt with resistance in the shape of two storms: a natural catastrophe and an internal one.

4 reasons why leadership engagement matters

It may seem like Thoughtful Leaders need to be self-sacrificing and focused solely on their teams. While this is partly true, we should never lose sight of ourselves during this process. Failing to monitor our own wellbeing will only result in burnout and unhappiness.