Why people quit their jobs?

Why people quit their jobs?

People quit their job for many reasons. They move to another city, stay home with children, go back to university or they just felt the need to change lives around. It seems fair to address job leaving to the life events. However, most of the time it is company’s fault and employer actually could prevent that. Poor corporate culture, bad relations with a manager, extra hours of work without boss recognition — these are factors the affect employer’s desire to stay in the company.

According to the study from Harvard Business Review, there are three steady reasons why people leave a current job:

  • Relationship with the boss;
  • Steady wage for years;
  • Unchallenging tasks.

We’re going to step-by-step evaluate main causes of leaving job positions.

Relationship with boss

Employees don’t have to be mates with their boss. Nevertheless, they need to have some kind of relationship. The boss is a huge part of their daily lives at work so there’s no space to have an uncomfortable relationship.

The employer provides direction and feedback, spends time in face-to-face meetings, and connects the employee to the bigger part of the company. Having a toxic or strained relationship with the person employee reports to might ruin the employee’s confidence, and commitment. It also creates an opportunity for the boss to ruin future job interviews for the employee if an interviewer would want to call him for a recommendation.

Moreover, worldwide known Linkedin influencer Dr. Travis Bradberry once said: “People don’t leave jobs; they leave managers” and damn, he is right.

Low wages year after year

When discussing jobs you can’t ignore another crux of the matter — money is important too. According to the survey, conducted by Ernst & Young, in the US the top reason to quit is still minimal wage growth (78%). Stagnant wage causes the fall of employee’s self-esteem, the feeling of a vicious sleep/eat/work/repeat circle which is hard to overcome.

Sometimes, the non-salary benefits like a short work trip or good work relationships may outweigh the frustrations of this issue. But not for a long time. It’s essential for employers to encourage staff members for their achievements and successes.

There’s no opportunity to use or improve skills and abilities

The issue of underestimation is the next cause for employees to dust off their resume. People spend more than a third of their days working, getting ready for work, and transporting themselves to work to do something that they are interested in. No one wants to be bored and unchallenged by their work.

By working closely with people employers ensures that each employee is engaged in some kind of activity, excited, and challenged to contribute, build and perform well. When employees use their significant skills and abilities on the job, they feel more self-confident and generally happy.

Employees want to develop and grow their skills. If an employee can’t see a direction to continued growth in the current organization, he/she is likely to look elsewhere for a career development or promotion opportunity.

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